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Don't just take our word on the impact we can have


Health Coach

As someone who works in the coaching field, I understand how important it is to be coached myself. Greg’s no-nonsense approach to coaching is refreshing in a deeply supportive way. He empowers our inner capabilities, facilitates breakthroughs of our limiting beliefs and inspires his clients to take action! I’m grateful that we’ve met and that I have the opportunity to grow under his guidance!


Account Executive

Greg has been an excellent coach and has helped me understand better my motivations and the things that I value the most. In every interaction, he is able to provide value for me and help me understand each day a little more about me. He sure knows how to encourage people and make them be the best they can be. 


Youth Development Officer

Greg is a great coach, one who is friendly, kind and wise. He is always willing to help whenever and however he can. As a coach, Greg is helping me to unleash my potential by providing advice and words of encouragement whenever it is needed.


Founder, Philippine Virtual Rock Stars

I was so amazed at his mental process and how he asked the right questions at the right time I needed for self-discovery, career growth, and even for personal motivational purposes badly needed at that time. I have had realizations that have proven to be entirely helpful already today and that definitely already created a huge impact not only on my specific role or profession, or my virtual staffing agency business but as well as the process of having a precise and positive overall approach of just about anything I can think of at this stage of my life.


Career Coach

I had a coaching with Greg to figure out how to grow my coaching business. He provided me with a 6-step framework that helped me figure out my priorities and shift my mindset to grow my business. Greg is very detailed and personable and it was a very effective .

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