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What other people think about you

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Is really none of your business. That's the harsh reality.

Shall I tell you another harsh reality? Those people who gossip about you have the real issues, not you.

As much as I hate to say it but when this happens in adulthood it is still a form of bullying. They base opinions based on what they perceive to be true. Whatever the driving factor behind this and there are sometimes many. When we allow what other people think or say about us we are letting those bullies win.

Don't give fuel to that Fire!!! by reacting.

In fact, take it as a compliment.

Let's look at some reason why you might be the subject of gossip.

Envy and jealously. Yes, they are envious and jealous of you so, therefore, try to hold you back. Belittle you and your achievements because they want to be you. You have moved on in your life, they haven't and that hurts them enough to try to hurt back by trying to destroy your reputation.

Take a look at the rich and famous. There are many false stories in the media about these people because other people are jealous and envious of their wealth and frame. Of how popular they are. Am I saying you are rich and famous? Well, in their eyes to have elevated you to that status. They have moved you higher up and just want to bring you back down. This is a huge compliment.

They have not moved on in their lives and begrudge anyone that betters themselves.

You may feel like you haven't changed because the movement feels slow. To other people, they can see faster movement and that hurts them. They are stuck where they have always been. They haven't got it in them to actually do something and make the change so they want everyone to stand still too.

Congratulations you are growing and they are recognising it.

They don't have enough to fill their own lives to they have to fill it with someone else's. Again a huge compliment. Your life is more exciting than theirs.

When you start to attract the haters and bullies you are making something of your life.

Remember this. Next time smile and thank them. Bullying is a form of complimenting you.

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