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My core Message for 2022

When we look ahead to a brand new year it can feel like a new lease of life. Wipe the slate clean and start over if we have to.

Taking a look at what has gone by in the previous year we can see what has worked and what hasn't. Re-evaluate our position in our relevant industries and love forwards in the right direction.

Clearly defining your core message for the year goes a long way into simplifying the whole process you are about to undertake.

My personal Core Message for 2022 is to Take action and be accountable.

This is a message for so many people including myself.

We all have dreams and ambitions. Very few are acted upon and even fewer are given 100% focus. I am as guilty of this as anyone.

I want to share who I am personally going to do this in the hope that you, the reader, will gain something from this. Write your own core message for 2022 or at the very least start something you've always wanted to do.

Over the last 12 months, I have coached numerous people, both paid and for free. I have live-streamed on a semi-regular basis though often on my own.

I have written blogs and articles on here and medium and have been fortunate enough to gain some traction and been invited to write for a couple of online publications. I have taken my free newsletter into triple figures with readership and averaged around 30% open rate which is quite high. My social media presence has reached 12k followers and connections. I have given webinars and spoken at the first-ever global coaching conference. Built a team of 3 members so far with more to come hopefully by the end of the year.

That all seems like quite an achievement for 12 months of work, but if you know me personally, you will know that I always have high expectations of myself.

When I take a look at my contemporaries in the same coaching niche I can see that I still have a long way to go.

This is not about comparison. This is not about emulation. This is not about wanting to be them.

This is only about me and what I can do. Where I want to take my business and start to fulfil the dreams that I have had for so long.

So my core message is one that I also need to hear. And not only hear but to take to heart as well.

Take action and be accountable.

The action is simple.

  1. Become more visible on social media

  2. Ask more

  3. Self promote more

This is a simple 3 step process for me.

Of course, all 3 steps can be broken down and there are barriers I need to break down first. All of these combine into my greatest barrier. To be seen for who I am.

It isn't the fear of judgment. It isn't the lack of confidence. It certainly isn't the lack of knowledge or experience but something much deeper inside of me. It is the conditioning that I have had for my formative years that you shouldn't have an ego.

I am grounded by my daily practice of gratitude but being introverted it is easy to slip into that quiet space we all enjoy so much.

I am not asking myself to change who I am. I am not asking myself to become extroverted. All I am asking of myself is to be more aware of these 3 simple steps.


Now it's your turn to think about that core message that you can write for yourself for 2022?

What simple message do you want to write for yourself?

The way I would suggest is something that I work on a lot with clients. Write down what you want from 2022. Manifest it if you have to.

Then take that paragraph or two and start to remove unneeded words from it. Shorten it and keep repeating it until you only have a few words and at most 2 lines that will remind you.

Remember this is a CORE message. Core to everything that you do.

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