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Misguided Motivation Story

Be careful what you focus on...

Many years ago I was passed up a couple of times for promotion.

I became fully focused on proving them wrong. After all, that is what they wanted, right? I wanted to show them they had made a mistake and I did everything I could to show them that they had promoted the wrong person but it was a battle I could never win.

I later found out that I was never going to get a promotion at that company because of the internal politics going on. Friend of a friend scenario.

A few years later after I had left to get a new job to prove them wrong I realised that I was still focused on them and not me. I was doing things to prove them wrong, not to better myself.

My takeaway lesson from all of that was to fully focus on me. Be the best version of me that I can be. Do not allow other peoples opinions to be a distraction no matter how motivated you may feel from it.

It's not the right type of motivation.

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