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K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid

K.I.S.S is not just an awesome band but it’s a great thought to carry through life with you.

It basically stands for Keep It Simple Sweetheart or as I like to remember it Keep It Simple Stupid because that’s how I feel when I realise that I am overcomplicating things for no reason other than I have just gone down a rabbit hole. We have all done the same too at some point.

Just giving ourselves to keep things simple means that we can fully focus on the task and not get drawn away by distractions.

Here are 3 reminders on how we can keep it simple:

  1. Give up on the idea of perfect. There will never be the right time or the right delivery or in fact anything. Chasing perfectionism is a total waste of time. Start now and stop overcomplicating it.

  2. Tell yourself that it doesn’t all need to get down. I was as guilty as anyone of having a long to-do list. It used to swamp me some days and as I went through it I found myself looking to see if I could combine some of the items. This only lead to less getting done as my attention was on looking for solutions rather than just doing.

  3. Focus on where you simplify. This may sound obvious but we are human, we like to complicate things and tell ourselves it’s good to keep the brain active. We are just wasting energy and brainpower reserves on things that do not need too much attention.

Ultimately, the art of simplifying is about ridding yourself of complexity that creates stress, exhaustion, and overwhelms.

I see so many of my clients and myself for that matter, waste precious time and energy beating themselves up for not getting it all done on time and perfectly. Even if they do manage to get it all done, the process is not joyful.

Keep it simple stupid and have more time to enjoy life.

Embrace his mantra for the coming week and see how many times you repeat this to yourself.

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