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Have you listened to yourself lately?

Sometimes we catch ourselves saying the craziest things.

It's not something intentional you say, it just kinda comes out.

How many times a day or a week does this happen? Hopefully not many.

The point I'm trying to make is that you hear your words as they come out of your mouth. Some people call it having no filter.

Not everything is shock value or on the stupid meter, but we do hear every single word that we say. Maybe not consciously but we hear it anyway.

Quick question for you. If someone was constantly putting you down. Telling people that you weren't good enough or making jokes at your expense, would you put it with it? Or would you tell them to go take a hike?

I'm hoping it was the latter.

What if that person taking bad on you was actually you?

Self Deprecating Jokes make people laugh, right? You aren't making fun of anyone but yourself. That's ok, right? Because let's face it, you are funny, people like funny. You aren't harming anyone, it can ease tension, break the ice etc. It's a useful tool in so many awkward social situations.

Until we realise the long term damage it's doing to us. Every time you make jokes about yourself you hear it. If we hear something enough times we start to believe it and others will too.

We use negative words about ourselves as a defensive mechanism. We let ourselves know not to have too high expectations then when we fail it's ok because we knew we weren't good enough anyway.

Demand more of yourself and use your words to reinforce that self-belief every time we speak. You might be able to fully control the voice in your head but you can control what comes out of your mouth.


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