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Do you ever set yourself a challenge?

Challenges are a great way of building in the things that we need to get something done.

I have set myself a challenge of writing an article on medium every day in June. I hope to also back this up with a new blog post each day too. Of course, when we set challenges it is sometimes easier to join in with other people so you have group accountability.

The link to my first article is here...

Why have I set myself this challenge?

I'm glad you asked.

I have a love of writing. I may not be the best at it but that is no reason for it to ever stop me or you for that matter. It is a form of communication that is making a comeback. With the ever-growing social media platforms, written communication is becoming critical once again. It's no longer confined to the tabloids or misunderstood work emails.

Writing each day will set a good habit for me and we need good habits in place so bad ones (the easy ones) don't creep in. It will push my brain to work harder and become healthier. I will explore new topics. in fact, the benefits will be numerous and I'm sure there will be some good material for blogging.

Over the next 6 months, I will set myself more and more challenges to push the boundaries on my comfort zones. I would encourage anyone to do the same.

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