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Do we ever really fail?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

In a recent interview, I was asked the question, 'what has been your biggest failure?'

That question rocked me. I wasn't sure how to answer and let me explain why.

I don't believe in failure. I believe in redirection and lessons. Not everything we try works out. Sometimes things just come to the end of their journey. It fizzles out, the timing isn't right anymore. There are many reasons that something just isn't right anymore but does that really mean we have failed?

There are failures in life. We fail to give something or someone our full attention. We fail to devote the needed time. We fail to hit goals and ambitions. I could go on but the truth is this isn't failure there is always an underlying reason and why we didn't take the action we should of. Were we motivated enough? Was it really want we wanted?

If you want to stop feeling like we have failed we have to look at it completely differently. There are some things we need to STOP and quickly.

Stop believing we have failed at something.

Stop believing that we aren't good enough and that everything will result in failure.

Stop letting the past anchoring us to the past.

Stop listening to people who talk about failure like it's some badge of honour.


When we hear backstories often people will take about who they failed and came back from it. Fighting back from failure shouldn't be your driving factor. Your driving factor should be your future life.

Every time we think of and compare the past then we still create that anchor that no matter how far we move away from that we are still being held in place.

Think about how many times you have 'failed' in the past, how it holds you back. How it makes you feel. Then ask the question why do I feel like I have failed and what were the real reasons why it just didn't work out.

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