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5 Self-destructive habits you must stop

There are many things that we do that are self-harming.

Things that we don't even think about as they are just habits formed over time.

The reason these habits are formed have many different reasons that we will explore further but they range from fitting in with a peer group to low self-worth and coping mechanisms.

Let's get into it.

5 self-destructive habits you might be doing that is harming you and your business.

1. Complaining the whole time - it's ok to grumble every now and again. Emotions need to come out but if you feel like you are spending your days complaining then look at the language you are using to yourself and look for the positives instead. Complaining is negative emotion but more than that we can create blocks in our lives that don't allow us to move past it. Why do we complain? Firstly it is easier to complain than to take action and do something about it. Secondly, negative emotions are more comfortable to sit with. I bet you could make a list of a hundred things that didn't work out the way you wanted them to yet could you make a list of the same number of things that did, yet we need to focus on the things that did and why they worked out.

2. Looking for other people to make you happy - find that thing that you are passionate about and work on it. Find your own happiness. Relying on external validation is like a drug that you will always go searching for and you will need more and more of it. Again it is easier to seek happiness from other people than to find it with ourselves.

3. Spending time with negative people - do you hear other people complaining about everything? Limit your time with these people. Take some time to figure out who you want to be and find those like-minded people. Look for honest, authentic, open and positive people. It is hard to break connections with people especially if they are family but you have to remember you need to live your life on your terms.

4. Holding on to resentment - The past is done. Don't use past events as motivation. Use your future instead. Have you ever said or heard the phrase 'I will prove them wrong'? This will then anchor you to that moment in time regardless of how far you move away from it. It may even leave you tunnel-visioned and you will miss opportunities that will accelerate your growth. It is far too easy to use this as motivation as it is something you have experienced already rather than use the future which of course you have no experience of and that can bring fear into play.

5. Being your own worse critic - listen to the way to speak to yourself. Stop being so hard. Tell yourself that you are moving forwards each day and show it. If you spoke to someone else the way we speak to ourselves, what would their reaction be? Be your best friend, your cheerleader, your own source. We accept the way we talk to ourselves as it's us that is doing it. Change your language and change your life.

You will see as you read through this all of these habits come down to the fact it is easier to have these negative self-devastating habits as they don't require any internal work to be done.

Ask yourself daily who do you want to be?

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