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This Is My Story So Far

Are you ready to write a new ending for yours?

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It took me a while

I left school with very few qualifications believing that education wasn't for me. That I was lacking the intelligence and focus I needed to succeed

I moved between jobs without any intention of finding a career.

Ever time I tried to better myself I got rejected. So I settled.

I was living a life without fulfillment, personal boundaries, limited beliefs, aspirations. 

I was just exsisting.

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Then It All Changed

It all started with the realisation that no one was coming to change my life. It was all on me.

What was happening to me I was choosing to let happen.

I took action

I started to educate myself. I found that those thoughts that I had weren't true. I just need to find my passion.

Building a career in management gave me a sense of worth and value

I claimed back the lost version of me. I worked hard on my education of self.

Self-Value, self-confidence, setting boundaries, self-worth, personal direction. 

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